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About Us

About KwoBA

Knowledge without Border for Africa (KwoBA) is an electronic education management system developed by HUB4CYBER Ltd to provide educational institutions with an affordable and reliable electronic platform to manage the day-to-day running of their school activities.

As technology continues to dominate the various sectors in business and day-to-day operations, it has become an undeniable fact that school management and administration using ICT should be a global concern. The findings through descriptive research reveals that so many schools do not take full advantage of using ICT to run their school affairs while others are totally left behind due to some challenges which include: high prices of ICT gadgets, lack of basic infrastructure for ICT development such as; electricity, lack of qualified/trained personnel for installation, maintenance and operation of the ICT gadgets, lack of funding on the part of the government for the ICT development; No or Limited Access to the internet, relaxed  attitude of school managers to get the required training in becoming literate enough to use the facilities on ground.

The education that the past century learners have experienced is no longer appropriate for preparing today’s learner for a global market. Many world governments especially in developing countries struggle to expand particularly basic education with the challenge of ensuring that students stay in school long enough to acquire the knowledge they need to cope in a rapidly changing world.

According to most experts in the field of education, it is agreed that ICT when properly used for management /administration holds great promise of improving teaching and learning in addition to shaping the workforce opportunities. There is no longer any reason/need to base school management/administration around on just manual collation of data, heaping of exam script or even stacking of file cabinet. Some schools don’t even have books and other adequate infrastructures such as good classrooms to accommodate and appropriately serve the growing numbers of students.

The platform supports both live video meetings for the administrators and live video classes for the distance/remote learning in situations where students and teachers cannot physically meet. It also supports recorded video material for those that might have missed live classes or just want to review the content.

We are also developing a mobile application for both iOS and Android, this is intended to capture the mobile clients and users including teachers, students and parents. The mobile application will support offline services where content will be downloaded from the internet for later utilization in places with limited or no internet connection and updates will be synchronized the next time the device is connected online.